'It isn't what a picture is of, it is what it is about' - John Szarkowski


Simone Peerdeman’s (1976) photographs capture the beauty of every day life - those moments that are imbued with reflection and somehow seem significant - like stills from a movie. Buildings, objects and people, she isolates her subjects in their own thoughts.

From a young age Simone is fascinated by the daily lives of strangers. As a teenager, while doing her paper round, she looked through windows, wondering about the people that lived there. She always had an extra interest in those who seemed to live their life authentically, independent, being themselves without too much concessions. As an adult she expresses this fascination in her photography. Recurring themes in her work are 'solitude' and 'autonomy'.

She graduated cum laude from Fotovakschool University of Applied Photography Amsterdam in July 2016.

Simone lives in Zandvoort, The Netherlands, with her husband.